Woer Woer School of Business

(Finishing School and Left of centre scheme incubator)

Internship / Entrepreneurship / Carpet Installation / Meerkat Exchange and General Schemery

Hilltoplive and Plankton is very happy and relieved to be able to announce the opening of the Woer Woer School of Business. Camouflaged as an internship the one year program aims to find street wise entrepreneurs who can see a business opportunity but maybe lack the experience or dashing good looks to pull it off. Or both.

“Over the years we have had a few guys come in young and then fly off into new exciting avenues. We realised that, by no intention of our own, we actually created a nifty platform for young people to latch onto our network and get some streetsmarts over a short period of time. Thereafter it became apparent that this wave of youngsters actually have really killer ideas of their own. The Woer Woer School of Business was born by bringing these ideas together, and then trying to sell or commercialise them. Or at least have fun in trying to do so.” Carel Hoffmann – President for Life - Hilltoplive

The internship part of the Woer Woer school will take participants through: Event production, Promotion, Sponsorship, Media, Agencies, Social Media, Ticketing and ticketing technology, cashless technology, community management tools, self training etc etc. Lots of angles. Lots of widgets.

But the most crucial part of the internship focussing on deal making and street smarts. Finding new opportunities and monetising them. Sell your gimmicks or ours.

Who must apply:

- 50% of the applicant evaluation will be made on his entrepreneurial history or current plans. We want streetwise operators. This is not a job interview, we want laaities/laaitettes with plans of their own. You will be judged on your own plan or schemes as well as the ability to sell your concepts or tomatoes. or dreams. I.e. either you must have dreams/schemes which we like. Or you must have schemed in your life: tomato sales, diamond smuggling, welding works whatever. Just something to prove you can hustle, or want to.

- 5% pc literacy : basic and docs generation for you to sell your schemes and ours. Not critical but it will go faster.

- 5% tertiary education: not critical but maybe you know a few people we don’t because of this. you don’t need tertiary education, but it helps.

- 40% have you sold anything worthwhile to anyone. Ever. Can you convert your dreams or ours to deals.

What plays no role:

- race (Even English people can apply)

- religion (Except hippies. Or very rarely hippies).

- gender (All of them)

- age (Tiaan ran our ticketing company when he was 22 and he knew nothing. Neither did we.) (So you can not be too young. Also usually the internships are not really suitable to old guys who are settled in their ways.)

Internship details:

- obtainable once you have completed the basic info form.

Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wMCcdTY1XAX3xuzqu98Uarb3JjZ-E5pZRHzRSuh7iII/viewform 

Who must not apply:

- this is not an internship to get people to work at OppiKoppi or our shows. This is for dreamers and hustlers who needs a bit of a runway / platform to get going (Whilst learning about Oppikoppi and tech and what not.). If you don’t have plans don’t apply.